Jamieson x CBNData: Build a report gathering a variety of consumer and consumption data with the top Chinese data firm, to provide comprehensive insights on shopping patterns and industry trends for the Canadian healthcare brand.


Unlocking user insights: we developed social CRM strategy and a social CRM platform on WeChat, gathering richer, actionable insight to optimize service levels and multi-channel customer experience.

Toronto International Film Festival

Building diverse social channels to reach target audience: After ushering in an engaging presence on Weibo and WeChat, we drove the box office sales of TIFF in the Chinese community in Canada.


Acting on brand engagement in cultural events:
A creative Red Pocket campaign on WeChat formed Buick Canada a larger fanbase in the Canadian Chinese community.

SAP China

Setting up digital transformation up for success: we refreshed the web experience through UIUX design and Baidu SEM for SAP China to target their key users.


5-step of research process: A comprehensive research from Usability Analysis, Competitor Analysis, to User Interviews, UI/UX wireframe and Leads Generation Mechanism Design concretize the process of B2B global site design.


How to maximize brand influence internationally: as one of AntChain’s marketing partners, we defined and developed their global website as a key approach of the company’s expansion.